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Artistic Integrity

The ability to make adjustments to your artwork is an essential requirement for licensing. The architects and interior designers who specify our murals almost always adapt our designs to suit their interior spaces, and in order for a design to be marketable to this audience, we need to be able to to make such adjustments to your artwork.

With that said, we have a long history of successful licensing collaborations that have been mutually beneficial to both 4walls and the artists.

  • The most common modifications include:
    • Scaling, sizing, or cropping the original artwork to fit a particular wall or window surface
    • Recoloring the original artwork to coordinate with the color palette of the interior.
  • We also typically offer designs in a few different standard colorations to allow designers to visualize how it might be adapted to their palette.
  • As these customizations are requested, it is not feasible to present them to you for review or approval, but in all cases this work is performed by seasoned professionals, with the utmost respect for the integrity of your original work.


The following examples demonstrate a range of typical customizations that you can expect when licensing your artwork.

Sample Gallery 1




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Additional Support
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